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Make Money from your Website

Apart from promoting your own services or products, there is another highly successful way of making money from your site. PPC and PPA.

PPC (Paid Per Click) Pays you a small amount every time someone clicks on an advert link. Google Adsense being the most popular, though there are many others. See the 'Ads by Google' bar across the top? When someone clicks one of those links, this page makes a few cents. Those clicks add up over a month and if your page gets thousands of hits you will get hundreds of clicks. Thats PPC.
PPA (Paid Per Action) & PPS (Paid Per Sale). Pays you a percentage of any transactions with third party advertisers on your site. Depending on the sale value, the commission can amount to quite a lot.

Millions of people make money from running adverts on their site from small home sites to large corporate's. In 2011 Google paid out over a Billion Dollars to site owners!! Would you like some? Last year one of our corporate clients grossed over $2 million in commissions from running PPA adverts on their travel website.

There are thousands of companies looking to advertise right now either with PPC or PPA. So no matter what your site is about, if you can get visitors you can make money from your site. Contact Excluss now and find out how you can start earning an income from your website. See some of our international partners and affiliates. Making money online from a website

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