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Recommendations for a hotel facebook page

While your hotel’s website is your best sales representative, your hotel’s facebook page is your best Public Relations representative. Therefore, it is vitally important your hotel facebook page engages your facebook fans. Below are five simple tips to make your facebook page a successful media promotion.

  • Design the page with good logo and photos :
    The most visible characteristic of a hotel facebook page is the logo, as the hotel page design is facebook’s. Display your logo in an unexpected way. Provide a strong hotel overview page that’s both informational and fun. When creating your new hotel facebook page ensure that it reflects the colors, textures and the experiences that your hotel offers.
  • Tag your photos & spread the word:
    Images are the second factor behind pricing in terms of influencing the potential clients choice of hotel to book. Facebook is great at sharing pictures and engaging users – every day over a 100 million photos are tagged on facebook. So, ask your guests if you can take pictures with them, then tag them on facebook. Your property will be seen by many of their friends.
  • Ensure a clear menu to entice users:
    Having an easy-to-use and user-friendly navigation on your hotel facebook page is a decisive factor for how engaged your visitors are going to be. Bad navigation and usability can lead to visitors abandoning your facebook page. Keep it simple. Don’t try to overwhelm people with lots of options: 3 or 4 menu items are enough: hotel overview, rooms, special offers and a map are sufficient.
  • Promotions encourage visitors to come back:
    It is important to provide social incentives to website visitors so they choose your property over the competition. Creating special offers on your facebook page will create a loyal following. .
  • List your options on the facebook page :
    Provide directly on your hotel facebook page the ability for travelers to check rates and availabilities for their preferred travel dates, and make bookings. As many travelers have flexible dates and are bargain hunting they are willing to trade off some convenience for a better price or package. Make sure your calendar overview displays a longer-term view of the rates and availabilities so travelers can choose the perfect holiday according to their needs and possibilities.
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