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About Excluss - an exclusive internet promotion service in UK, Africa & Jamaica.

About Excluss Internet Promotions Africa

The team at Excluss has many years of experience throughout Africa including Kenya with both family members and friends living there. Excluss is the only UK based company specializing in Promotion, SEO consultancy and web services to Kenya.
Excluss brings years of experience to clients in all aspects of promotion and marketing both on and off the internet. With a team of highly skilled professionals, each specializing individually in their specific expertise, Excluss can offer a complete package to clients including site design and creation, combined on & off line marketing and promotion campaigns, right through to totaly managed ultra fast servers for hosting your valuable site.

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Our mission is to bring the best possible service to exclusive clients and assisting them in promoting their product to the world through the Internet, conventional media and high street display.

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About Excluss Internet Promotions Kenya. Excluss in Kenya offers travel and tourism related promotion for Kenyan industries